Letter From The Author

Mary Hladio

Leading or running a business today drives so many people to feel like a plate juggler–the minute they get one issue solved, another has reared its ugly head.

The business world gets more and more complex to deal with and innovation and new thinking even bring headaches as well as the intended benefits. That’s where What’s Gone Wrong™ comes in.

What’s on offer is range of books and smaller ebooks that take the lid off what’s causing people like you to face increasing issues and challenges, and then provide the right solutions to get things fixed. Because, you see, that’s the biggest problem … if leaders or business owners need to address something they often don’t understand what the real issue is—so how can they find the right solution?

We’ve started the series with What’s Gone Wrong with Developing Leaders since that’s certainly one of the wobbliest plates out there, and tucked in behind that are a couple of ebooks on Change Management and Stress Management, but more are coming soon.

Here’s a taster for what’s coming along in the What’s Gone Wrong™ book series—these are the biggest issues we know that are organizations are facing in the business world today:

  • What’s Gone Wrong with Customer Service
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Staff Recruitment
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Managing Risk
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Strategic Thinking
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Regulation Management and Compliance
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Data Management
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Knowledge Management
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Reputation Management
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Marketing
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Financial Management
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Resource Management
  • What’s Gone Wrong with Project Management

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